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About My Basket Art 

Explore my collection of hand-woven, nature-inspired designs.

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Basket Art Designs & Styles

Handcrafted designs Inspired by nature

Basket Art Designs

Basketmaking is a meditation as well as an artform. Crafting each item requires patience, time and an appreciation for the materials at hand. I choose maple bark for its flexibility and strength, which will help each basket last for years to come. One of the joys of crafting with this material is watching its transformation from natural substance to an art piece anyone can enjoy.

Basket Art Styles

Each basket takes inspiration from natural colors and forms. During weaving, the fibers are shaped to create a strong structure that not only supports the entire basket but brings out the organic details present in the materials.

About My Plate Art

Explore my collection of handcrafted designs made from natural materials.

Plate Art Designs

Many decades ago I found a large dusty African winnowing basket made out of grass in the back room of an import store. I was totally captivated by its rustic beauty and simple design. I studied it for a long time before I attempted to make these plates as my own interpretation in response to this basket.

Plate Art Styles

My handcrafted plates are woven from natural materials that give them strength and durability that will stand the test of time. With their woven designs and styling, I’m able to imbue each piece with a range of captivating colors and patterns.

My Basket Art Collection

Explore my collection of handcrafted, nature-inspired baskets

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Basket Art Design #159

Double wall construction
5 1/4" H x 6 1/4" W x 6 1/4" D.
Waxed linen

Sally Metcalf Basket Art No. 1a.jpg

Basket Art Design #182

Double walled, waxed linen, twined, 6” H

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Basket Art Design #157

Waxed linen, maple bark and wood, hand forged copper pins w/patina.12" H x 7" W x 5 1/2" D.

Sally Metcalf Basket Art No. 1b.jpg

Basket Art Design #180

Double walled, waxed linen with bead, twined, 6” H


Uniquely Handcrafted

Explore my collection of handcrafted, nature-inspired baskets and plates.

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Sally Metclaf's Basket Art is Uniquely Handcrafted

Pulling a material out of nature has been one of my greatest joys of making baskets

Nature Inspired by Design

Organic materials are what makes basketry unique in the art world. From the beginning humans used all sorts of organic materials to make useful and ornamental items and these materials are still used today.


I discovered maple bark and its usefulness by observing its transformation once it separated from the tree. With a little experimentation I discovered it's its potential in my work. I soak it, bend it, drill holes in it and create the beginnings of my forms. Hand forged copper pins hold the pieces together, and waxed linen cordage is threaded onto the base and woven up the sides.

Style & Statement

A gift or display piece as unique as you are



sculptures, & display pieces

sold-2 dark.jpg

My baskets and plates are one-of-a-kind items imbued with a genuine, handcrafted touch. All materials are locally sourced and shaped by hand.


Beautiful Materials

Handpicked materials provided by nature and handcrafted to last.

Sally Metcalf Basket Art No. 199.jpg

Gathered and sourced from local trees

Cut to size and soaked to shape


Woven from maple bark

Maple bark is chosen for its flexibility and strength, which will help each basket last for years to come. Fastened with hand-forged copper pins for stability.

Traditional Twining Method

Twining is used to create strong shapes and structures that help each basket retain its unique proportions and form.


Articles & Press

Find out more about my handcrafted basket and plate art pieces

Sally-Metcalf-Smithsonian-Craft-Show 2.jpg

Sally Metcalf, a Hailey resident and highly talented basket weaver is one of 120 artists from around the country who will travel to Washington, D.C., for the 42nd annual Smithsonian craft show May 2-5 at the National Building Museum.

By RAIZA GIORGI Express Staff Writer

Apr 12, 2024

Idaho Mountain Express

Newspaper April. 2024


Sally and Sara / Photography by Catherine Rousey

Catching up with Sally Metcalf, basket weaver who considers nature her studio and has long foraged raw materials — willow, dogwood, bark and branches — for her exquisite sculptural and colorful pieces.


We reconnected with Sally recently for a conversation about her craft...


Women Create Newsletter January 2023 


There is some question as to whether my work is basketry or sculpture, but I prefer to leave that determination up to the viewer.


Weaving Works of Art Courtesy of Nature

Sally Metcalf creates beautiful baskets--functional and sculptural—out of big leaf maple bark, cottonwood whips, iris plants and other natural materials found in the wild. And she will open her studio in Hailey to the public Saturday...


Basket Art Designs &


Nature-inspired art that brings your home to life

Weaving Works of Art

Though I attribute nature with inspiring me to craft my first basket, a lifetime of experiences has made my success as a weaver possible. I spent my childhood in Los Angeles near the ocean, and sea life, particularly the shape and movement of anemones, has always influenced my work.

Artist Spotlight: Sally Metcalf

Sally Metcalf, a basket weaver from Hailey, Idaho, has always considered nature her studio. She forages raw materials from the landscape around her and takes inspiration for her inventive and astounding works of art from the strength of the forest, the fluidity of the sea, and her love of the complexity and precision of Japanese basketry.


Crafting from Nature

The phases of my basket making are seasonal. I begin in the late winter collecting willow and dogwood, and in the late spring, I gather bark if needed. In the summer, I rest my hands from weaving and move on to gardening, teaching, and exhibiting my work.

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