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My work is process and materials driven. These sculptures begin with a walk in the woods. I harvest bark from the Big Leaf Maple tree which grows in abundance in Oregon. Cutting down a trunk doesn't harm the tree because the trunks grow in clumps. The bark is peeled and dried for storage. As a length of bark is selected it's then cut to size and soaked to shape. The maple bark is pieced together entirely by hand forged copper pins and threaded with 4, 7 and 12 ply waxed linen. The weaving is a basketry technique, twining, which forms the upper portion of the piece. Sometimes the bark is died with black walnut stain and then rubbed with bees wax for protection.

Double wall construction Waxed linen

SKU: 159
  • 5 1/4" H x 6 1/4" W x 6 1/4" D

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